Between 1977 and 1989 Madrid became a true festival and cultural hotbed. The end of the dictatorship saw happiness flood the streets of the capital and everything was a good excuse to celebrate. These were the years of the Movida Madrileña and of the jet set, bullfighters, business owners, Ava Gardner and Charlton Heston, curious people, artists and visionaries, singers, aristocrats, writers, decorators, philosophers of the new reality and last but not least, the owners of nightclubs who became ambassadors of a society that reinvented itself each night. Something was happening in the capital…

The main European capitals were missing something that Madrid knew how to make the most of to become the European capital of fun. Paris was in decline, London lacked glamour and in Rome the political climate had generated a tension in society and it was no longer the place for the dolce vita. Many young people started to take note of Madrid. Democracy was in its infancy, and many people were beautiful, happy and welcoming. The timetables were madness, as dinner was never eaten before eleven at night and the parties lasted until sunrise. Everyone was known, was creating, proposing or publishing something different… there was a need to celebrate, to share and to mix.


Commodore was one of the quintessential temples of leisure and culture in Madrid in the 1970s and 80s. Every night was an adventure, a musical and artistic proposal, a runway of beautiful and known faces, charismatic characters that attracted those that always wanted to know what was happening. Nobody could miss a single night in Madrid because Madrid had become “the European capital of leisure and fun”.


And the years went by like this… but then the lights went out and the party stopped. Commodore closed at the turn of the new century and stayed like that, gathering dust, for 15 years. Until now. After a year of renovations, the La Cococha group, led by Rocío Gandarias, took charge of reforming and modernising the Mayte Commodore, now re-christened as Rocío Gandarias Commodore.


It is time to re-write the history of this legendary venue. Are you ready?